Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor Ver.1.2.2 (Windows)

The Software Utilities Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor is software for printing the images stored on the computer or on the cloud. This software enables you to edit and print various works such as cards or calendars.

Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor

Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor

OS Support

Windows 10
Windows 10 (x64)
Windows 8.1
Windows 8.1 (x64)
Windows 7
Windows 7 (x64)

Filename: epd_-win-1_2_2-ea20_4.exe
File Version: 1.2.2
File Size: 86.69 MB


  1. A created item is saved in Easy-PhotoPrint Editor.
  2. It cannot be exported to a file.
  3. Emoji is not supported in the function, [Text], of the software.
  4. When the printer is USB-connected, Status Monitor does not indicate any error information even if an error occurs in the printer.
  5. if an error occurs in the printer, operate the printer itself to solve it.
  6. In printing Easy-PhotoPrint Editor, one print document is created for every one page. In printing multiple pages data, multiple print documents are created.  
  7. For cancelling printing multiple pages data, cancel all the print documents you want to cancel.

How to Setup?

Download / Installation Procedures 
1. Download the file. For the location where the file is saved, check the computer settings. 
2. Double-click the downloaded EXE file to decompress it, then installation will start automatically.

Uninstall Procedures
If needed, you can uninstall this program using the Control Panel.
Note :
The steps below are for Windows 7. This procedure may be different for other OSes. 
1. On the Start menu, click Control Panel, and then, under Programs click Uninstall a Program
2. A page will open with a list of installed programs. Double click on the program that you want to uninstall. 
3. Click "Yes" then "OK", this will complete the uninstallation process.

Easy-PhotoPrint Editor V1.3.x

XK80 series, XK70 series, XK60 series, XK50 series, TS9500 series, TS9100 series, TS9000 series, TS8300 series, TS8200 series, TS8100 series, TS8000 series, TS7330 series, TS700 series, TS6300 series, TS6200 series, TS6100 series, TS6000 series, TS5300 series, TS5100 series, TS5000 series, TS3300 series, TS3100 series, TS300 series, TS200 series (*), TR9530 series, TR8500 series, TR7500 series, TR703 series, TR4500 series, MG7700 series, MG7500 series, MG7100 series, MG6900 series, MG6800 series, MG6700 series, MG6600 series, MG6500 series, MG6400 series, MG5700 series, MG5600 series, MG5500 series, MG3600 series, MG3000 series, MG2900 series, MX530 series, MX490 series, MB5400 series, MB5300 series, MB5100 series, MB5000 series, MB2700 series, MB2300 series, MB2100 series, MB2000 series, E4200 series, E3300 series, E3100 series, E480 series, E470 series, E460 series, E300 series, E200 series (*), G7000 series, G6000 series, G5000 series, G4010 series, G4000 series, G3010 series, G3000 series, iP8700 series, iP7200 series, iP110 series, iX6800 series, iX6700 series (*), iB4100 series, iB4000 series, PRO-500 series, PRO-1000 series, PRO-100S series, PRO-10S series, TA-30, TA-20, TM-5305, TM-5300, TM-5205, TM-5200, TM-305, TM-300, TM-205, TM-200
* Not supported on iOS or AndroidEasy-PhotoPrint Editor is available only when using Windows or macOS.